About OBD


Organised by Dansira is a story of passion, resilience and creativity.

Founded in Paris by Dansira, we aim at combining organisation and interior design and space optimisation.
The passion for home design, home organisation and the promise of a peaceful space to enjoy looking at but most importantly living in.
The resilience to do what makes you happy, to switch things up, to think your future differently.
The creativity to think spaces differently, to make homes comfortable places and make your life easier.

We organise to make your life

  • Easy
  • Happy
  • Fun
  • Beautiful
  • Yours to do whatever you want to do with
  • All of the above

Meet Dansira


Hi, I’m Dansira. 

What do you need/want to know about me? I am kind, loyal, sassy, strong, generous, creative and well… very organised! (Or so say my friends and colleagues… and yes I have actually asked them). 

I worked in fashion, beauty and lifestyle for great brands for over 10 years and loved (most of) it. But after a decade of communication and marketing, I needed more. I needed to reinvent and challenge myself. I needed to tap into my creativity on a different level. 

Having always had a very strong entrepreneurial mindset I decided it was and the right time, and 2021 was THE year to think outside the box and make people happy in a different way.

Interior design became a passion as I bought my first apartment in Paris and redecorated it. Have you ever been to Paris? Space is an issue… a real one! Parisian homes are often small and need to be well thought out in order to be both functional and stylish (so very important) but I never shy away from a challenge. 

Could this be my new reconversion path? Could I make it my new (work) life project? It combines all things I love: creativity, organisation, interior design, building from scratch, some form of communication… Why not leap and try? 

That’s how I decided to launch Organised by Dansira to help people better organise their homes, redesign the layout and declutter, while never compromising on aesthetics, style and cosiness. 

I told you, I love making people happy and that includes you! 

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