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Hello everyone !

I think this is THE question my clients or friends ask me the most. The terror of the sorting phase is very real and blocks more than one. So if you are more in the “I’ll keep it, you never know …” category, this article is for you and all is not lost!

I have compiled my best tips for sorting out with joy and good humor, without pressure and above all to achieve your goals.

Start small: set achievable goals

Nothing is more frustrating than turning your house upside down and not knowing where to start. The task then seems insurmountable … So we start piano, piano: a drawer, a shelf, a cupboard and especially piece by piece.
We finish one piece before starting another; golden rule to avoid chaos and discouragement.

Keep it simple: the 2 rules of 3

No need to ask 1000 questions about each object, either we love it, we need it and / or we use it or we have it. This is rule of three # 1: love / need / usefulness.

The rule of three n ° 2, the three piles: we keep, we sell / give, we throw away. If an item meets the first rule of three then it goes to the “Keep” stack otherwise it goes to one of the other two “sell / give” or “toss”. If you haven’t used it for at least 6 months or 1 year if it’s a seasonal item (clothes or the raclette grill) then no procrastination, we’ll get rid of it.

Ask for help and make it fun!

Sorting doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be an afternoon with friends to help you out. If you don’t have the courage to do it alone or need a voice of reason, call your friends and make it a fun day!

Take before / after photos

Maybe you are not addicted to Instagram (tell me how you are doing in the comments) but taking a photo before your sorting and a photo after will allow you to appreciate the evolution and especially all your work and be proud from you! I assure you it is an incomparable feeling …

And finally, last tip, stay motivated!
Little by little, you will take control and sorting will become second nature.

Tell me in the comments how you sort and if you have any other tips.

See you soon,